Do You Cry After Sex?

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

It's Throw Back Thursday! I just wanted to share with you a moment that I will always cherish. I was honored to have worked with Educator Mary Ellis as my Co-Host on the new iHeart radio talk show

Sex-Ed102tv. Those of you new to the brand - well Sex-ED102tvr is the new informative talk show, covering the issues of love, sex, relationships and sexual health. Get breaking news, updates, tips, and resources that will help you cultivate healthy and happier relationships.

Though out the eight seasons on air we have had a number of brilliant and outstanding Therapist, Doctors, and Counselors on our show. However, This was the most informative and funny episode of Sex-ED102tv's history on air. If you were able to have a 30 minute conversation with this educator you will be well equipped and fully informed on topic of choice. In the episode Mary informs us on the sexual dysfunction and our Word of the Day " Postcoital dysphoria " (Tongue twister). As she educated me and our viewer's in detail - and it's references to feelings of deep sadness or agitation after consensual sex, even if the encounter was loving, satisfying, or enjoyable. In some cases, people become tearful or depressed after orgasm. I was amazed and impressed with her delivery. I actually learned something new.

Even though this is a serious topic of discussion, we were able to find humor within. Side bar for a second. Now what if you cry after consensual sex, even if the encounter was loving, satisfying, or enjoyable -BECAUSE IT WAS SO DAMN GOOD? I mean I've shed a few tears for that reason. Anyway, Thank you Mary Ellis your insight knowledge and joy you bring to Sex-ED102tv is unmatched, and I thank you for helping me cultivate healthy and happier relationships and communities.

Make sure you check in for your tips, updates and resources that will help you with your relationship issues. Each week Wednesday, 7 pm on your live stream. Subscribe to day to our new channel on TSB -TV International Channel.

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