Hookup, Side-Chick or Girlfriend?

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

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Hey SugarBabies. So I've been on the social experience called dating. I must say - I was clueless and I am "Truly SaxyB" Your Educator. I've decided to understand the game. I really wanted to figure out if guys (men) want me only as a hookup, side-chick, girlfriend or wife. So I started by actually looking at myself in full view. Now, that I have a better understanding through my trails while dating. I am able to give you some advice that will help you avoid wondering what's real.

Are You The Hookup?

Being a flashy dresser may have your date to thinking of you as the Hookup. The first thing a man notice about a lady is how how she dresses. If you are wearing an overly suggestive outfit you may appear as a hookup to your date. Keep it sexy but classy if you want to avoid a disappointment.

Ladies who are frivolous- truly outgoing and fun. You know the types, the ones who don't take anything seriously. Well they make the best hookups for men.

Check your attitudes ladies. Even if you are drop dead beautiful, coming off bitchy could ruin your chances of developing a great relationship. Men will think that you are the one to smash, crash the fridge and dash the door - in that order. So ladies don't be so mean unless necessary.

I found that it is Never good to get tipsy or drunk on a date. We all know the song by Beyonce #DrunkenLove - giving us proof that alcohol leads to drunken love on the kitchen floor. In other words - a hookup! Now pay attention, your date will think you are the GOAT for the hookup when you are sexually aggressive. They won't care about nothing but the hookup that you are presenting.

Are You The Side-Chick?

Some of you ladies think or assume that being the side-chick is a badge of honor. I know that it's a cold world out here and the bills are due. However; Ladies you don't have to fall for the Jedi Mind Tricks. Being a Side-Chick warrants a badge of dishonor to yourself. Most ladies complain about being confused, constantly wondering about love and where the relationship is going. Even with all this - women still believe that there is some sort of financial gain from this form of relationship. No worries if you see the benefits of being a Side-Chick. Just don't show up at the funeral for the need of recognition - trust and believe everyone already know your true title. Instead of causing drama, keep it simple and keep the bill paid - I suggest you join an #escortagency. I (should) list a few of the top agency below to make you feel better. Now, let me get out of my feelings and keep you informed. When you ALLOW yourself to settle for seconds - you don't know your worth. Most guys will know immediately know how far they can go with and they have their ways of suckering you into being the piece on the side. Pay attention ladies, teach them how to treat you from the start. Tell them exactly what you want out of the relationship and ask questions. Lots of questions!

Are You The Girlfriend?

From hookups, to side tricks, pimps & hoes. Don't give up ladies,I know that it's tough out here in the dating world. Just keep in mind that the thrown of being the girlfriend is within reach. Since I've been dating again, I've learned a little bit about what boys like. Now ladies, if you want the position take notes.

Keep it interesting . Guys love it when you can hold an easy conversation (I have notes). Express interest in topics of politics, entertainment, food and more. When you're goal oriented, intelligent and sexy... well you have a may have a chance to become the girlfriend. When you know the directions of your life, principles, and a sense of humor you will earn more girlfriend points.

Ladies Stop Being The Cleanup Woman! If you want to be the girlfriend, you're going to have to accept the person for themselves. Don't try to change them into what you think is best. If you are embarrassed and feel a need to change them you will not get the girlfriend thrown. Be accepting.

Once you have reached the level of girlfriend, the real work starts to become a wife. The thrown is cool ladies but I don't know about you, I love the crown. Check out my next post for tips on becoming wifey material. To start you off - here are two important notes to remember. Know your worth and have integrity.

Truly SaxB, Educator


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