Transform Your Wall Décor' With New Art Trends For 2019

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

Check Out My Top Picks of New Art Trends & Artist.

Transform your home or office wall decor with 2019 New Art trends and my pick of Artist that will add value to your collection. If you're new to collecting Art, as your educator I ask you to explore illustrations, prints, canvas painting, sculpturors and more. Remember, with a modest investment you could start a beautiful collection. Let's explore and transform into art together.

Today as I begin to explore - I keep in mind my room/wall that I'm redecorating. The 2019 Art trends are simply stimulating and I am ready to add something bold to my collection. It's time to introduce myself to artist that I would have never dreamed of adding - you know the trendsetters. So, I went to Google, Pinterest & Instagram to sought out hot new trends in art. What I found was gifts and surprises from different female artist (Checkout my Art Pins on Pinterest). These women are painters, sculptures, illustrators - each with amazing talent. I could go on and on, but I rather show you directly. Visual is always stimulating. I was able to find (3) artist that are trendy; However each one will awakenings every emotions you have within. From conversation, room/wall decor to intimate pieces that will set your imagination on fire.

When it comes to Art, I've always wanted to invest in a one of a kind, but to began my collection I'm looking for Art trends that will suit my new lifestyle and that make sense ($)- a small investment that would still yield returns. The Art trends for 2019 includes transforming, fantasy, rainbow bright colors, monochrome photography and dark wall opulence. Dressing our walls should be fun this year!

If you are new to Art collecting or gifting (hint hint Sugar Babies) no worries as your educator of course I'm going to teach you something new. I have a Free Guide to the Lifestyle of Art. Signup today! Get your tips and resources for purchasing prints, limited additions and other forms of art. Get advice on adding signature and decorative pieces to your collection. Plus how to purchase prints and originals of value, with an investment as little as $1500. Boss Ladies, let's "Level Up". Invest in a few prints or an original as a gift to yourself, love-ones, your friends or just give your wall a trendy facelift! Remember, your purchase supports great Artists to keep Art alive. Check out my pick of Hot New Art Trends & Artist. Remember, my choice reflects my personality and my emotional state of mind at the time. In other words find art pieces that moves you like music, a piece that will cause a reaction or invoke an emotion, artwork that match your personality. Embrace & Enjoy.

Meet The Artist!

Debra Cartwright - Printing express a mood you experienced within your fantasy. Her work pulls you into the moment and there you will stay. Please embrace. Embrace the Art! Art trend: Fantasy.

Debra Quotes: spaceships don't come equipped with rearview mirrors #venusbound 🚀

Debra Cartwright New Artist To Watch - Setting Trends. .

Meet The Artist!

RACHEL ELIZA GRIFFITHS is a poet and visual artist. She is the author of three collections of poetry including Mule & Pear (New Issues Poetry & Prose), which was selected for the 2012 Inaugural Poetry Award by the Black Caucus of the American Library Association.

Keeping up with the 2019 Art trend and dressing your walls with monochrome photography will be easy with this artist. She bends light into sheer art.

© Rachel Eliza Griffiths. .

Meet The Artist!

Geneva B, a self-taught illustrator from North Carolina, satisfying my all time favorite trend in art - "RAINBOW BRIGHT" Colors! I can't wait to give my Foyer a colorful facelift with this great artist. Every piece in Geneva B's collection - are conversation starters. Add this artist canvas paintings to your collections, her use of colors tells many stories. A great birthday or coming of any age gift.


ImagineFX magazine, Advanced Photoshop/ Photoshop Creative, FIYAH Literary Magazine

Penguin Random House Children's Books

Simon & Schuster , Allie & Gator (self pub children's book)


2018 Hugo Awards Winner: Best Fan Artist

2018 BSFA Awards nomination

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