50 & Pregnant! CRAZY RIGHT?

Hey Suga Babies!! This is part two of 50 and pregnant. That's right. Is it crazy. I'm Truly Saxy'B, Your Educator. I'm here today to give you some tips, advice and resources around various subjects, but today we're going to be touching on some sexual health care. I made a post a couple of days ago called "50 and Pregnant". And I got various comments and some good, some were bad and I wanted to expound on these issues and concerns that we have. One of my follower claimed that it is very irresponsible getting pregnant at this age. First of all I feel babies are a blessing no matte what. However, I do have a back story and what had happened was, my body was playing some tricks on me. As you could see in the first video I was telling you about, you know, I was going through changes and feeling really weird. So I went to the doctor now on yesterday. There was a type of test that the doctor had given me to make sure that I was in perimenopause called (Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH test). This test measured if my hormones were high or low. In men, a FSH test may be done to evaluate a low sperm count or assess testicular dysfunction. So you guys go to your doctors, especially ladies, go to your doctors and get that test and make sure you're not experiencing any changes within your home hormone levels. High FSH levels, this may indicate a loss of ovarian function, or ovarian failure , menopause or polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is a condition in which a woman’s hormones are out of balance, causing ovarian cysts. I was shocked then to find out that, I was in what they call peri menopause and perimenopause can last up to about what, five years.

My doctor decided to put me on HRT what we call HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). Make sure ladies you check with your doctors about the side effects of HRT before you get on any form of HRT, there are different forms of HRT that you can administer. From implants, changed once every few months, patches, changed once or twice a wee, Pills and tablets, usually taken once a day. They even have Creams, sprays, and gels, generally applied daily plus Vaginal rings, suppositories, or creams, whose schedules vary. Keep in mind that taking hormone therapy may increase the risk of aforementioned health conditions - breast cancer, strokes, heart attacks, and blood clots - as well as gallbladder disease. Speak with your doctor to discuss the risks and benefits of HRT depending on your specific medical history and symptoms experienced.

Please note that you must gradually bring yourself off of any form of HRT when you know you're,

completely done with your menopause process. So anyway I was placed on the HRT and suddenly after 10 months of feeling absolutely wonderful, I was feeling like I was sick and of course I assumed it was one of my medications side effects. However, theses symptoms Breasts soreness, all of it and I loss my appetite, becoming very moody. I decided that it's necessary for me to take a pregnancy test. Yes, I urinated on the stick. and saw positive. Now I'm not saying I'm pregnant because I have to go get a blood test. I know "they say" that the pregnancy is 99%, but there are some safe zones that I'm going to try to stay in because I am on H R T. Now, HRT can trick the body into spontaneously overvaluations. So I'm going to say no, am I irresponsible? Okay. I had one of those nights and it was a good night and I did not practice safe. So maybe I was a little irresponsible, but who I was with, I really like.

Well anyway, I'm going to walk you through this process and make you understand exactly what perimenopause is how it will affect your body in Part 3. There symptoms and side effects that you will experience and why you should be very careful especially around this time because you can actually get pregnant We will about treatments the perimenopause symptoms. I want to come off of the HRT because of scary moments like this. Okay? This is just not sexy for me. I'm Truly Saxy baby. I will cover more issues, and concern when your 50 being pregnant and options available for not only if you're going thru menopause or even if you're pregnant. So enclosing, I'm going to take the bag on being a little irresponsible. Like I said, I was having a good time. When I called my possible baby daddy up and I said, Hey, how you doing? And he said, I'm doing fine. What's wrong? Immediately, I don't know if it was a tone in my voice or the way I said it. Sugar, I don't know. However he had the sit down for a couple of hours, you know, and and call me back. So, when he called me back, we ended up meeting at the doctor's office. He needed to make sure this was truth! We ended up meeting and we had a long discussion of being 50 because - well he's a little younger than me, right. But anyway, to make a long story short, big daddy is cool with the situation, but we're making sure, okay, we're making sure that we are pregnant. I'm just going to say that I'm not pregnant. I'm going to blame this on the HRT until the results are in you guys.

Okay, please do that for me. Now the other thing I want you to do is guys, make sure you go to the doctors and talk to them about your male menopause sysmptoms you maybe experiencing. Suga Babies(men), no you're not off the hook, If you are experiencing any type of sexual dysfunctions, if you are experiencing any type of depressions memory loss, the same thing when we go through, you guys go through too and you guys, you can get it as early as 40 years old. Now it affects your, I hate this word because I never can pronounce it right. Testosterone. However, if you're experiencing E D or your libido is very low, You have a loss of hair on your body. You are going through a depression. I want to go to the doctor today and get your wives, get your girlfriends to take you to the doctors right away, okay? Because

I want to make sure that you're not in male menopause. When it comes to menopause, male and female menopause some of you are your testosterone levels decreases 1% every year. By the time you're 70 years old, your testosterone levels will have decreased by 50% so you really need to go to the doctor. Now they have a treatment of hormone treatment that is designed for you as well. Guess what it is? It is the T R T (Testosterone Replacement Treatment) and the risk. When consulting with your physician please address the risk of prostate cancer. Okay? So you're going to have to be very careful with these medications, ladies and gents. Be very mindful that there are some natural ingredients, and natural treatments out there, and I want to make sure that you keep stay informed. Please visit me on my new Cooking show "FROM THE KITCHEN TO THE BEDROOM". I'm cooking with the LSR recipes and we're going to get healthy and stay healthy and keep our sexual lifestyle healthy too, but in a natural way. You know, we want to get away from the medications that and make you have the oopsies. I want to find out about some natural products, remedies, treatments that we can use to help our transitions in life Okay? Because I don't want to keep going through these scary moments that I know I can't be irresponsible anymore.Please check with your family doctors, or physicians before you take any advice or resources I provide. Be sure to check for Part 3 of 50 & Pregnant next week. In the meantime please make sure you take care of your sexual health by downloading my book about "TAKING YOUR SEXUAL HISTORY". I wrote this book about a year ago and I want you to pick it up and keep it with you because it is a guide for you. It's going to help you maintain a healthy and happier lifestyle when it comes to your sexual health.

Okay? Am I pregnant or not? I'm going to say no, but we're going have to wait and see if I'm pregnant and 50 on my next Vblog post. The one thing I do want you guys to make sure you do is continue to cultivate those healthy and happier relationships and community by staying informed. I'm your educator, Truly Saxy'B - be sure to follow me on all social media platforms for your tips, advice and resources.

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