For more than 25 years she has worked in the Medical, and Commerce industry while moonlighting in the entertainment industry as a Marketing Director, Producer and Host of National and International

 Radio & Television shows.  With credentials  which includes a degree in Philosophy, Certifications in Epidemiology, Economic Development, International Business, and a 32 year long marriage with children - the education, knowledge and know-how - helps Saxy keep communities, educated, informed, and empowered.

 Saxy Butlers work history includes, CDC, Emory Hospital, American Red Cross, The Georgia Chamber of Commerce, gave not only the experience but her history has allowed her to offer a number of gifts, tools and resources that will help you with your over growth in Business,  Health, Lifestyle and more.


After a successful corporate career SaxyB  produced the syndicated tv/radio show Sex-ED102tvr (sexual education) on iHeart Radio and local networks throughout the southeast. Thereafter, spinning off into a new cooking show "The Love Kitchen" featured on Roku providing cooking tips for relationships.  SaxyB is becoming phenomenal and well known personality and brand to watch and learn from.  As an Author, Saxy will stimulate your mental as you explore new short stories, how-to and cookbooks written by your Educator -Truly SaxyB.  She's not new to this...just true to keeping you entertained  and informed.  

Pay attention as SaxyB teach you something new! 

Its Your Educator, Saxy Butler aka Truly "SaxyB"  The most energetic, entertaining, informative and tons of fun TV/Radio/Online Persona.

 SaxyB is known to welcome you all as her very own "Sugar Babies & Sweet Thangs".  Here you will find entertaining tips, updates, breaking news and resources on relatable issues and topics to help cultivate healthy and happier relationships and communities. Get the latest on up coming events, trends, products, and services related to lifestyle, home making, relationships our self/sexual health and more. 


 As your Educator SaxyB is know to teach you something new and keep you informed - Pay Attention!  Over the past 10 years SaxyB has provided education on Business & Lifestyle, Home Making, Cooking & Gardening, Relationships, Self & Sexual Health.

Suga Baby

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